March 28, 2010

dyeing for a change

arch fifteenth i was with my darling friend jenna at the store. she needed to touch-up her roots so we were looking at all the different colors in boxes.

jenna: you should totally dye your hair, too
me: that's scary! i've never done it before! i love my red hair!
jenna: virgin hair!?!?!?! come on! you'll love doing it!

she commented on how fast and easily i caved. i did not share her surprise, though, because i'm a girl who will try almost anything once. and hey, at least i would stay in my natural color... just different. so here is a picture of me at the beginning of march:

here are some pictures of my new hair:

it's a new, exciting adventure.

surprisingly, it seems the majority of people in my world truly love my new hair. i cannot count how many dozens of compliments i have received.

of course my mother is one of the people who doesn't.