April 1, 2010

in the storm

thankfully, february is gone for another year.
march definitely came in like a lion, as they say.

however, being the first day of april it seems that march did not go out like a lamb - with the last week being full of overcast, windy, and dusty-fog.

here you can see a glimpse of what we've been seeing around these parts:

stormy. does that word conjure up images for you, too? 'stormy' adequately fits many different areas of my life right now. that is why i chose my new template background entitled "into the storm".

if feel like i am often in a storm. if i am not, it is as if i'm preparing myself again to 'go at it again' into the storm. school is a storm of unsavory winds. church is a storm of unknown confusion soon to come. my physical body is a storm of pain and struggle. my future is a storm, scary and dark, unfavorable to think of. hopefully the storm will lighten soon and bring relief.