April 3, 2010

slumber to the party

i've been in the relief society presidency in my byu singles ward since september. for the october general conference we had the first ever relief society general conference slumber party! it was a lot of fun.

since summer is almost here and our relief society will soon be dispersing, we decided to have another one in honor of spring general conference. it was extremely enjoyable. there is nothing better than to spend time with some of the most wonderful people, just chilling out and being girls.

we definitely had more people than are shown in the pictures, we simply forgot to bring out the cameras until bedtime. it was a fabulous way to spend an evening, ... though i did end up in my bed before the night was through.

after all the fun, i've still be extremely sick. severe pressure-headache and extreme nausea sent me to the emergency room thursday night, so i've been on a clear liquid/foods diet. haha maybe it'll start me on a strong weight-loss path! :) just trying to find the positives!

well, easter is on its way, and there is absolutely no better way to celebrate than to listen to the prophet's voice. yay! for general conference!! both saturday sessions were simply marvelous. i can't wait to devour more!

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happy feasting to you all!