April 5, 2010

love, somebunny

i don't think there is a better combination than easter on general conference sunday ~ they fit so perfectly together. excepting that this year seemed to lack a few lovely individuals, it was a beautiful way to spend the holiday. we even had a visit from the easter bunny!
{i thought he stopped coming to our house! guess i was wrong}

it was also my first day eating anything substantial since being sick, so of course i overloaded on the sweets. at least there weren't that many. dinner was a simple, yet beautiful compilation of easter/utah/mormon dishes. twice-baked potatoes, apricot jello salad {with cheddar cheese on top; yes, that's the way it is supposed to be}, ham, asparagus, and hot rolls. dessert was strawberry shortcake and/or mom's homemade chunky mint brownies - the latter being extremely rich but ultra tasty!

i hope your day was a happy one and that the sun was shining brighter for you than it was for us. even if it wasn't, i hope the your life is a little brighter knowing somebunny loves you ~ you know who i'm talking about.

oh, and if you missed any of this spring's wonderful conference click here for the new church website's conference page. exciting, right?