April 9, 2010

royal for real

is there any little girl who did not dream of being a princess?
i know i did!

because everyone around our house was gone for the weekend, mom and i went on a date to see the movie "young victoria".

it was delightful and enchanting!

i even teared-up in a few parts. surprise, surprise :)

as we walked out of the theater i told mom,

"i want a love like that."

she replied, "oh lacey, love is like that. if it isn't like that, it isn't really love."

that left me with a good feeling inside. one day....


and while we're on the topic of royalty, i have been bouncing this analogy around in my head ever since general conference:
the tale of sleeping beauty is strikingly similar to the plan of salvation.

think about it!

we were born on earth, away from our Heavenly Parents and without recollection of life before now. we struggle to find out who we are and are prepared - through trial and tribulation - for life in God's presence. satan definitely tries his hardest to keep us from understanding our full potential, but in the end we know who wins. in the end we shall be kings and queens.

maybe you'll find that thought silly or inconsequential, but it has made me really ponder this last week about the purpose of life and the roles we play here on earth. i, for one, want to gain that royal title and be royal for real.