April 15, 2010


so, in this yucky economy jobs for college students (especially those with crazy class schedules) are few and far between. since it is absolutely ridiculous to have bills and no job, i signed up to be a substitute teacher. so far, so good. i love being a teacher -- it isn't really like a job to me.

though there are not a ton of opportunities to substitute, i've gotten a few great jobs. most of them are actually in elementary schools! i'm a secondary education major and plan on teaching in junior high, yet sometimes those sweet elementary school kids make me ponder what it would be like to teach in elementary education.

i know i have changed my major way too many times. it's just something i think about when i get to substitute for elementary schools. more than that, these opportunities take me back in memory to my own elementary school years. that was quite a while ago.

speaking of... my five-year high school reunion is in less than a month. should i go?! my first gut-response is, "no! there is no way i'm going." yet part of me wonders what it will be like. i have changed so very much since high school, so that means everyone probably has. well, something to think about!

anyway, it was fun to sub for a fifth grade class today. they were wonderful and reminded me why i'm still in school. and i can always use reminders about that!