April 17, 2010

movie night

yesterday was such a fun day! i ran into a friend from elementary school at a surprise sing-in for a teacher at our elementary school. we spent a couple hours talking, then decided to do something later that evening. first we saw this wonderful movie:
i have to admit, i was extremely skeptical about seeing this movie. however, i cannot explain how incredibly fantastic it was! it was just so so so good. i was very surprised. it was hilarious and heart-warming. it was a feel-good, family-friendly movie and still it had something for anyone at any age! this is definitely a movie to buy for my collection. i want to keep it forever and ever.

after that movie we went to ihop to "people-watch" then ended up going to another friend's house to watch another movie. we decided on:
this was another movie i had been skeptical about seeing. though it was long, i was again surprised by how much i truly loved this movie! it was extremely intense and action-packed, yet full of love and hope and charity. it left me with a happy, content feeling that humanity is not completely going down the toilet.

with a night full of friends and a rejuvenation of hope, who could ask for anything more? it is at these times i remember what really matters in life. it really is true what they say -- it's a wonderful life.