April 30, 2010

a heart like that

today i was a substitute at an elementary school again. i watched all the kids walk into school and start their day, the occasional mom {mostly in thrown-on sweats and flip-flops despite the snowy morning} helping bring in projects and whatnot. i observed their chats, their giggles, their anticipation. in their midst, the title of a young women's general broadcast conference talk popped into my mind:

an overwhelming feeling of peace and love came into my heart that reminded me that i have a heart like that. a mother heart. regardless of whether i will marry and have a family in this life or the next, i have a heart that loves. i desire to make things beautiful. i delight in teaching. i yearn to envelop others in love.

i know that my Heavenly Father blessed me with a heart like that. my sister, happiness, knows my heart and gave me this present for christmas to symbolize her knowledge that one day i will have my heart's desire:

i know i am a daughter of God and He gave me talents and inherent characteristics to share my "mother's heart" with others.


speaking of school and teaching -- my mom {a college professor of elementary education} had her finals at our house this week. one of her students made little gifts for everybody. i thought i'd share it, even though i cannot claim it as my idea, since it is absolutely adorable and so easy to make. and i heard that teacher appreciation week is coming up... :