May 9, 2010

momma's day

made by Leelou

that's how i feel about my mom.

i have learned through the years that she's not perfect. i'm obviously not, either. however, i am grateful God sent me to nancy's arms. i am grateful for the wonderful character traits and creativity i inherited from her. i love her.

you may know that butterflies are extremely sentimental for me. that actually began during the struggle i had with my eating disorder. i felt that was a 'cocoon' time in my life, but that one day i would be able to flap my wings as a beautiful butterfly. on this day, mother's day, i want to give recognition to the woman who endured a lot of 'cocoon' moments right along with me. she helped me on my path to becoming a butterfly.

i am grateful for my knowledge of the gospel, the knowledge that momma and i are spirit sisters and that we both continue to grow. i have witnessed my mother's amazing qualities - her creativity in making things beautiful, her ability to love with all her heart, the way she is able to see the potential that others have. i trust and value her opinion and support above anyone else...

... i think that is why we clash sometimes. because i so dearly want her love and support, she is sometimes the one who can hurt me the deepest. through my work in therapy, though, i have been able to see that my mom did the best she could with what she had. i am blessed to be able to see her as human - with strengths and weaknesses, but still a heart of gold.

and so, i send my wishes for a happy mother's day to the 'angel' lady who gave me life:

thank you, momma.