April 21, 2010

spring is tagged

four shows i watch:
1. the disney girls (hannah montana, sonny with a chance, and wizards of waverly place)
2. army wives
3. brothers and sisters
4. gossip girl

four things i'm passionate about:
1. healthy food and lifestyle choices
2. gospel principles
3. people
4. singing and acting

four phrases i say a lot:
1. "presh"
2. "tender"
3. "sad about it"
4. "wait, what?"

four things i've learned from the past:
1. happiness does not come from perfection
2. worry changes nothing, but leaves you with a headache
3. give help and receive help, man was not meant to live alone
4. the Savior already paid for our sins so we would not have to

four places i would like to go:
1. washington d.c.
2. japan
3. australia
4. ireland and well... all of europe

four things i did yesterday:
1. substituted for a high school zoology teacher
2. fell asleep outside under the sun
3. did my laundry
4. watched "i hate valentine's day"

four things i'm looking forward to:
1. seeing my sister and brother-in-law on may 20th
2. december 2010 - my sweet little bro comes home from japan
3. working with youth as a teacher and/or counselor
4. learning how to sew and exercising my creativity

four things i love about spring:
1. longer days full of sunshine
2. cool breezes and soft shade
3. being surrounded by colorful flowers
4. the smell of rain on warm wood or pavement

four things on my wish list:
1. a niece and a nephew
2. a bicycle
3. sufficient energy
4. a closet of clothes that fit properly

four people i tag: