July 2, 2010


i have years of babysitting experience and was a nanny for quite a while. i love children... any age. little babies, toddlers, tween, even teenagers {imagine that! haha well, that's why i want to teach at the junior high age} bring me such joy to be around and i seem to have a gift at connecting to them.

fyodor dostoevsky said,

"the soul is healed by being with children"

i definitely agree.

tonight i got to babysit four darling children of various ages and the blessing to my heart and soul is unexplainable. they were adorable and full of wonderment and insight. it is true we can learn so much from children. i want to be more childlike with innocence and kindness.

at one point in the night we watched the animated movie of max lucado's story:

i cried quietly, hearing words that touched my heart. the truth that God made us the way He intended us to be - and that He isn't done with us yet - is one that i often forget. God knows our hearts and our needs. He's always there to listen to our humble prayers.

i am committing myself to spend more time with children from now on.

oh, and here's another beautiful quote about being childlike:

children's talent to endure stems from their ignorance of alternatives
~maya angelou