July 11, 2010


the theme at church today was "remembrance and perspective" which brought wonderful talks by my peers. in fact, all three hours of church today were quite thought-provoking and heart-warming. as the subject of eternal perspective recurred throughout the day, it brought to my mind a specific song that i've been thinking about recently.

i must admit i had never heard the song until a few months ago - it is the only song that plays on my friend's delightful motherhood blog. every time i landed on her webpage my ears were filled with a melody that spoke to my soul, but i never took the time to listen to the words...

until this weekend, that is. now i've undoubtedly spent over an hour listening to this song over and over and over again. as i listened, i took the time to really hear the words and think about their meaning. at first i was a little puzzled over why this song was piercing my heart so.

well, it didn't take me long to figure it out.

first, you should listen to the song:

the call by regina spektor

after listening to the song several times i even ventured onto a website that people comment on concerning what they think are the meanings of specific songs. of all the comments i read about this song, none of the explanations hit home - but they did clue me in to the fact that the song was written for the prince caspian narnia movie. have i even seen that one? i can't remember!

it all came together for me as the words played in my head when i was in the shower.

of course!!

i had always believed the narnia stories were likened unto Heavenly Father's plan of salvation; the Savior's mission to come to earth and atone for our sins, the vivid opposites of good and evil, the love the Lord has for us, and even the child-like innocence and courage and faith that reconnects us with the sure knowledge of gospel truths.

the call by regina spektor is - at least to me - all about leaving our Heavenly Father to come fight a battle against satan here on earth. it is about gaining and cultivating our testimonies and remaining strong when others don't know or don't understand or even forget the purpose of this life. our battle cry is one of faith - knowing that we'll be called back to our heavenly home when it's time for us and that the second coming of our Redeemer Jesus Christ is fast approaching. it's about remembering - and keeping in perspective - the strength we receive from our faith and that souls in heaven are aiding us as we wage our wars here on earth.