August 21, 2010

against the odds

it would seem as though forces were working against me as i put my efforts into getting to byu education week each day.

tuesday morning i woke up feeling perfectly fine - except for the excruciating scratchy and searing pain running all the way down my throat. i was worried it was strep throat - i have been getting sick quite a bit recently, why not just stack that one to the total and call it good? i went in to the doctor's office and got a negative strep test, but he was worried by the severity of my swollen throat and the absence of other symptoms so he put me on an antibiotic and i went home to get some rest.

well, fast-forward to when i woke-up............ at five in the afternoon the next day! the good news? all that sleep seemed to kick the sick right out of me! then i had enough energy and wellness to clean and organize my room to make me feel happy inside and out.

thursday i was convinced that it was going to be a wonderful day; that the challenges of the week were over. then i asked for a ride to byu because i was running late and parking would be a beast by that point. my dad was extremely busy so my sister happy volunteers to drive me. well, if you know what i think of her driving .... don't even get me started on her driving record. but i can assure you this car accident on thursday morning was not her fault.
unfortunately, it was a crash that involved three cars - all with participants of education week. fortunately no one was hurt and i don't think any of the cars were totaled? exciting day, nonetheless!

so for a week full of what i expected to be education week, i only made it to three of the five days. however, what i did get to participate in enlightened, uplifted, and well... altogether just made me feel smarter!

of course i'll post some of the things i learned and a few insights i gained later... just thought i'd fill you in on the adventure i had. until next time, loves!