August 16, 2010

a week of education

it's that time of year again!

i never got the chance to go to efy as a teenager so last year i decided i was going to go to what was - in my mind - the adult version: byu education week! of course, being the poor college student that i am {and have been for the last five years...}, i couldn't round-up enough funds to pay for it all by myself. that's when i learned that if i volunteered my services, i was given free admittance to the entire conference! wow, what a deal!

last year was wonderful! so wonderful, in fact, that i signed up to do it again this year and have been anxiously awaiting for the blessed week to arrive.

and it has! yay! it started today!

so far it's been great. i've been uplifted, edified, felt the spirit, and greatly enjoyed myself. and it's only the first day! that's a good sign, isn't it?

the best part is, this has gotten me out of the house {my reclusive habits} and into 'real life' again. i've rejoined the human race. also, each class is reminding me that my Savior lives and loves me and that Heavenly Father has a plan for me.

really... what more could anyone want?

i am learning more about who i am as a person - as an eternal spirit.


which reminds me about a conversation i had with my mom. she went on a date with my dad on saturday for their thirtieth wedding anniversary

{happy anniversary, love doves!}

and they went to see a movie called "eat pray love" - - - yes, i know... unless you've been living under a rock somewhere between the moon and mars i am sure you have heard something about this movie. well, as she told us her feelings on the movie i realized i didn't need to see it to know i would feel the same way about it.

she feels (and if you have a difference of opinion, please remember this is just that - an opinion) it's a nice movie, clever in parts.... and duh, it's julia roberts and who doesn't love her? {i know i do}... but for those of us who are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, we don't need a movie to help us find out who we are. the journey of self-discovery doesn't come from going around the world. we learn our self worth, our eternal identity by looking to heaven while reading the word of God - given to us by his prophets, old and new.
well, at least they got the prayer thing right!

well, for all those of you going to education week, maybe i'll run into you! it's great to rub shoulders with wonderful, faithful saints!