December 13, 2010

"check her pulse......"


i'm not dead ? ? ? ? ?

i'm just as shocked as you.


i mean it.     ~       i'm not kidding.

i am physically, emotionally, and mentally drained of every ounce of hoopla i had in me --- and i thought i had an unending supply! {especially during the Christmas season!}

so yes, you haven't heard from me in a while, but that is all going to change. haha... yes, it is. 

my thanksgiving post, my birthday post {and yes, they're separate. deal with it}, a post of this and a post of that, a post of my favorite person coming back into my life, a post about where my head has been {besides in a textbook} for the last month, etc, etc, etc .... aren't you sooooo excited?!?! you have all that to look forward to, and more!

because time stops for no lacey girl, no matter how much she with all her might {and charm!} pleads with God for even a half-hour of 'catch-up' time.

so while the two weeks of inconsistent two-hour naps here and there catch up to me, and visions of sugar plums become nightmarish hallucinations, i send you my love and hopes that your holiday season is getting off to a better start than mine has!

happy december!