December 19, 2010

a very thankful thanksgiving

{thanksgiving ~ november 25, 2010}

turkey trot 2010 -- complete with a thanksgiving abc 'ring-around-the-family' gratitude list.

since jenny and andrew won't be going home for christmas, sundy thought she'd pull out all the stops for a christmasy thanksgiving. place settings were little presents that said "we're grateful for ______". {isn't my sister so crafty?}

in my opinion, it just isn't thanksgiving without our runt-mix cornucopias... although we decided to make brown paper bag cornucopias instead of using sugar cones this year.

of course we had to get a picture of everyone - the andersons on the left, the rudolphs on the right, and... well, me in the middle.

t is going to be the best dad.

though i didn't get a picture, i made the sweet potatoes and the pumpkin pie -- both delicious, if i may say so myself! sundy made sure to let everyone know for the whole week leading up to thanksgiving that she didn't like sweet potatoes and she was probably not going to like the ones i was making. lo and behold! she enjoyed my sweet potatoes. yep, i know...

i can't take all the credit, though. i used this recipe from (but i greatly reduced the sugar and butter!) and you should definitely try it out. read through the comments, though, because they helped me decide exactly how i wanted to do things.

thanksgiving was a hit! we all watched the thanksgiving episode of the cosby show {hi-lar-ious} and after the rudolphs when home, we watched the nativity story {which i loved!} and felt the coming of christmas!