December 20, 2010


{my 23rd birthday ~ november 26, 2010}

if you don't count the day i was born . . .

{and i don't}

. . . thursday marked exactly twenty-three thanksgivings celebrated in my life, to date. friday was the twenty-third anniversary of my birth on that snowy thanksgiving afternoon in colorado.

at times i have questioned God's reasons for sending me to earth, to this specific place, at this specific time... wondering if there had been a mistake and i had "slipped under the radar". in my heart i know the truth, and i am so glad that i was born on turkey day into the very unique and amazing and crazy family that is mine; i wouldn't want a different one.

twenty-three things i am extremely thankful for:
  1. Heavenly Father and His plan
  2. my Savior, Jesus Christ
  3. the gospel of Jesus Christ, restored in its fullness by joseph smith
  4. daddy ~ always there, always strong, goofy smile, sweet and pure, sacrifices
  5. momma ~ tender heart, creative soul, good ideas, sacrifices
  6. happiness ~ big sister, big soul, big heart, big future
  7. sundy ~ big sister to admire, love, be comforted by, learn from, follow, and oftentimes imitate
  8. tyler ~ brother-in-law who is patient, kind, loves, doesn't judge, gives good advice, accepts me as i am
  9. paul ~ little brother, so sweet and tender, helpful and inspiring, humble
  10. crystal noel ~ cousin who brings joy wherever she is, spreading seeds of love and kindness with each step she takes, her infectious laugh, *let the good times roll...
  11. precious ~ a dog has never meant so much or been the source of such love and joy
  12. friends ~ i have some of the most delightful, helpful, wonderful, kind, fun, heart-warming friends a person could ever ask for... and they truly are all answers to prayer {lots and lots of years of prayer}
  13. school, because as hard and torturous as it can be, i love learning new things and being able to teach those new things to other people
  14. goals and other things that breed progression because progression makes me happy! desires of the heart, hopes and dreams, and "shooting for the stars"
  15. "rainy days" {aka hard times} because they help me enjoy the good times so much more
  16. butterflies: the symbol of recovery, progression, hope, growth, and a reminder that perfection is not something that i can ever hope to obtain in this life
  17. music, of course, because growing up in my family it is an integral part of my life; i believe music comes from our souls, which is why it knows no bounds and speaks to all people
  18. art ~ i could spend endless hours looking at art because it inspires me and fills me with so much emotion... but mainly hope
  19. crafts are the essence of creating for me, and doesn't everyone desire to create? crafting includes paper folding and collages to sewing and knitting, i'm thankful for crafts
  20. memories are my most treasured possession, for we are our memories; i get the greatest joy from remembering sweet shared moments with family and friends
  21. holidays are the perfect opportunities to create memories, spending time with the people who matter most; i am extremely thankful for these times of year that allow for us to do that
  22. modern medicine ~ as nerdy as that sounds, i am so incredibly thankful for doctors and specialists and medical procedures and medications that help me live life to the fullest
  23. thank you to my sweet s & t for the most wonderful birthday i have ever had, all because of you! the most wonderful birthday ever consisted of:
breakfast in bed
{pumpkin pie for the birthday girl born on turkey day!}

shopping in multnomah village

*hit the jackpot here*
{got a variation of one of these}

went to lunch at one of the best restaurants ever! 

{i had a yummy bbq pulled pork open-faced sandwich}

went to the pittock mansion, which was all decorated for christmas! we took tons of pictures of all the fabulous rooms and decor... just for future reference.
{my most favorite time of year}

then more shopping, of course! this time on 23rd avenue at some wonderful little shops.

then, after all the wonderful things s & t had already done for me, i arrived home to a surprise! presents and a whole spread of dinner, cake, and ice cream from trader joe's {oh how i adore that store!}... i was floored!

sundy gave me this beautiful gift that i will always treasure.... it seriously means so much to me:
{peace on earth}
she says it looks just like me, and well, it has other sentimental meaning too.
isn't it precious?
i love it with all my heart.

tyler gave me one of my most favorite children's books i've been looking for, snacks, and a ticket for harry potter 7 for that night {yes... i sneaked the snacks into the theater. shhhhh! don't tell}

best birthday ever with my favorite people ever!
done and done.

here's to another year older...

and maybe hopefully a little wiser, too.