July 30, 2011

every{thing} is changing

i have had a keane song stuck on replay in my head for the past several days.


make that the past several weeks.

it started even before my recent life explosion...

on their fittingly titled album "hopes and dreams" .... this song won't stop playing in the scenes of my life.

{everybody's changing}

if only it were simply a song that i obsess over for a few weeks and then move on..... but no. this one is different. this one was prophetic.

and the funny thing is, i couldn't quite remember whether the words were everybody or everything is changing and i don't feel the same....

either way,
stop the car!

someone said "change" ..... ????????

it was "bad" word in my book waaaaaaaay before obama screwed up the definition.

i wanted out.

everybody has been changing. all around me.
insanity, i tell you.

but the biggest problem i have is with the variation -- everything is changing.

* cue the line in the song "and i don't feel right" *


you know that oft-quoted line that i first heard on "the other side of heaven" about how sometimes God calms the sea, sometimes He calms the sailor, and sometimes He just lets him swim.....?

well, i am under the impression God sent this storm of head-spinning changes to force me to learn how to swim.

make no mistake -- i "know how to swim" but i am surely a novice by anyone's standards.

however difficult these changes are for me to bear - those with people and those of circumstance - i am grateful for certain things that remain unchanging; always true, steady, and sure.

i'm grateful for the things that truly matter. God, family, and friends. through the storm, i see His tender mercies.