September 1, 2011


ok.... has it really been a whole month?

august is gone?

the last thirty-three days have flown by like a roller-coaster ride.

it's been fun.

it's been scary.
and it's gone so fast - too fast - that i don't really know exactly what happened....

let me explain:

- my parents are now living on the other side of the country.

- in order for my parents to leave, we had to pack our entire house (full of fourteen years of stuff ... and a lot of unnecessary crap) and store it away. this took a whole month of pretty much eating, sleeping, and breathing the packing process.

- a strange family is now living in my house.

- that strange family is now taking care of my dog.... my little baby. i miss precious. :(

- i'm living in an apartment with five other girls. ----- five. ... five! i've never had more than three other roommates. so, "cramped quarters" is an understatement and we're all still trying to acclimate.

- i no longer have a quiet place to go for the purpose of hiding out, no longer have set plans for holidays or general conference, and no longer know what a sunday is supposed to look like. that's ok. it's just weird.

- school has started and though i know it will be a good semester, the huge test i have to take in order to be able to teach is looming over my head {it's at the beginning of november} and i've been stressing!!

with all the craziness and chaos and downright scary stuff ... i'm feeling quite grateful for several blessings the Lord has sent my way.

the very biggest tender mercy at this moment is my roommate. i have the very best roommate. i mean, who else would see my c-pap machine (for sleep apnea) and my mask that looks like an elephant's trunk and think it's the most awesome thing ever? and listen to the fan i have to use in order to sleep and remark, "hey, that's quiet!" but it's more than her chill, easy-going, fun nature. i sincerely love this awesome individual i have as a roommate. it's who she is, not what she does, that makes our room a place that i love to be. and i love to be with her.

there are many other tender mercies, of course! but i'm running out of time and energy.

a new favorite word is this:

set-tle; verb (used without object):
to come to rest, as from flight

i absolutely love this definition! .... i feel i've been flying around my life like a maniac. but now that i am living in a new place with new people, starting a new semester - in my last year - of school, and finding a groove for myself................ i feel i'm settling in; i'm coming to rest in my life and finding the good, the growth, the happiness.

one always has a choice, they say.

i liked this little image that beautifully illustrated that point: