November 10, 2011

i got my baby back


just kidding.

i mean my computer!!!

you don't know how long i've been without my laptop. ugh! it's been months! five months, to be exact.
i broke the screen in may by dropping it backwards in a very frantic moment of academic insanity, and i didn't have the money to fix the screen -- then get it fixed from viruses :) -- until after school started.

that is a long time to be using other computers, finding time to go use the school computers, and borrowing friend's laptops {thank you, best roomie in the world, for letting me take your laptop to teach seminary classes! you're a peach and a lifesaver, too!}

not having my own computer, i didn't get online very often. and when i did, it wasn't for very long.
if you have stuck with me through my sporadic postings, you may have noticed this was not the time to be without a computer .... without a place to sort out the thoughts in my head and figure out what's been going on.

i have moved out, i've gotten five roommates, i've gotten a boyfriend {that one is kinda more recent though...}, i've learned a lot of life lessons, i've screwed up on the lessons i learned, and then i learned even more about hope and change and forgiveness.

i've missed you, blog. i've missed having a place to write.
now that i live in an apartment where privacy is a thing of the past and "alone time" is almost unheard of, it's nice to know i do have a safe place somewhere that is open anytime - day or night.

it's good to be back.