April 29, 2012

come as you are

i read a quote recently that made me stop and readjust my thinking..........

"whenever you feel down, alone or unable to face a situation
that you are in right now
let me tell you,
that it’s totally fine.
it is okay not to be okay all the time. it is okay to be on the ground,
to cry and to hate everything.
but it is only okay as long as you get back up again. take your time
to get all of your emotions out,
but always keep in mind that the moment you’re in won’t last
just don’t give up.
life isn’t about being strong all the time,
but about the ability to become strong again after a defeat
or bad experience.
it’s about not losing hope in life and first and foremost –
in yourself.
so, don’t give up. life is worth being lived."

when i'm feeling completely alone, frustrated because it seems like Heavenly Father forgot about me and left me alone.... He plays this song on the christian radio station my brother got me listening to starting in january {klove}.

and well, lately i've needed to hear it a bit more .....so here it is. i {heart} this song. so much.

"dear God won't you please
could you send someone here
who will love me?"
who will love me for me -
not for what i have done
or what i will become
who will love me for me
'cause nobody has shown me what love
what love really means
regrets what he's done
utters a cry from the depths of his soul
"oh Lord, forgive me, i want to go home"
heard a voice somewhere deep inside.....
"I have watched you suffer all of your life
and now that you'll listen I'll,
I'll tell you that I..."

I will love you for you
not for what you have done
or what you will become
I will love you for you
I will give you the love
the love that you never knew
love you for you...

that song still sometimes makes me tear up.

this one, i would always catch parts of and through it i would always feel peace and hope, but i finally heard the whole song. the video on this one isn't important, but if you want to look up the lyrics ... i'm a lyrics junkie :)

you can come as you are with all your broken pieces,
and all your shameful scars.
the pain you hold in your heart, bring it all to Jesus.
you can come as you are.
shattering your darkness
and pushing through the lies,
how tenderly He calls you,
His arms are open wide.

this song is upbeat and happy and hopeful. i like it.

.......i remember the pain........
i know you saw me
hiding....so alone....trying to be strong
no one to turn to, that's when i met you

all this time
from the first tear cried.........
you've been walking with me all this time......
no matter what comes you will never leave
i know you're for me and you're restoring

this one, like the others, echoes my heart. it is a reminder to me.... as if Heavenly Father was putting a little love-note on the radio. yes. he does that. all the time.

.......the shame she can't hide.....
i'm not who i once was.....
i've fallen too far to [be] love[d]
you are more than the choices that you've made,
you are more than the sum of your past mistakes,
you are more than the problems you create,
you've been remade.
she knows all the answers
and she's rehearsed all the lines
and so she'll try to do better
but then she's too weak to try

'cause this is not about what you've done,
but what's been done for you.
this is not about where you've been,
but where your brokenness brings you to.

this is not about what you feel,
but what He felt to forgive you,
and what He felt to make you loved.

well, i've had these songs waiting to be shared for a while so hope you enjoy. if you don't then, oh well. you're missing out on a lot of love :)

i hope life is treating you well. if it's not, i hope these songs can bring you some of the peace and comfort they brought me.

have a happy monday.