September 7, 2012

happier than most

the leaves are starting to change their colors and fall to the earth, at times looking like little hearts falling from the sky.
there is so much sadness in the world. sadness, pain, hatred, sorrow.

i am very aware of it.
sometimes i let it get me down.
and i definitely don't often take things lightly.

yet, more than ever before, i am constantly reminded that there is soooo much good.
life is good.
God is so very good.

with the new semester i got new roommates. Heavenly Father could not have blessed me with people more kind and caring, more perfect for what i need right now. they are extremely intelligent, funny, and a breath of fresh air. all together, they are the perfect mix as we all find a way to complement each others' personalities.
i want to be able to help them in some way, as well. i want to give back in addition to "paying it forward." i want them to always know how grateful i am for their sweet acts of kindness, their humor, their academic and scriptural help, their listening ears, and their loving hearts.

it isn't just roommates i am grateful for, though.
i am blessed with the friendship of many incredible people.
people who are Christlike and charitable. who love, help, and serve others.
these people are such great examples of living joyful journeys through life.

regardless of the bumps in the road that hit, i am truly happy. those moments i forget how good life is, i have one roommate in particular who is the epitome of hope and joy and love and peace and every good thing. this girl has spunk and vivacity mixed with a sincere love for others and the gospel.

when i think of this roommate, i am reminded of the quote by j.m. barrie that states:

"those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves."

who do you know like this? do they bring sunshine everywhere they go? can you feel it from their smile? what does it do for you? 

this roommate is all about people. she takes the time to talk to people and really get to know them,  listen to them, and finds out what is in their hearts. she devotes the time she spends with a person to making them feel heard, validated, and important. *she brings sunshine to others* and she's the happiest person i know.

it has been wonderful living with this roommate because of the reminder she is to me that life has so many blessed things to be happy about. yes, there are things to be grateful for -- Heavenly Father pours down blessings with unwavering love. there is unending potential for the future if i but choose to put in the effort. there are adventures waiting at every turn.

adventures like horseback riding back in may :)

life is so good.

looking at life in this way, things can seem so funny at times. i had to laugh hysterically in the middle of the night when a loud crash/bang/scrape noise woke me from sleep to announce the demise of the closet hanger rod -- not only had it broken, but with the weight of my clothes my side of the rod had put enough stress on it to cause the rod to bend and twist, almost to snapping point, and bring all my clothes down with its brokenness. almost brought half of the closet shelf down, too.

documented proof of my involvement:
my beautiful roommate and my lazy bum showing off the full extent of the damages:

don't worry, everything worked out fine.
the maintenance men came and fixed our rod and our closet.....
......and then i almost broke it again.

so i thinned out my wardrobe with a trip to the d.i. donation center:

i think i'm safe now :)

life is life, and crazy things happen.
sometimes sad things happen and people you know and love pass away much too early in their lives like someone i know did a week ago.
however, someone else i know who could have died this summer did not die -- for which i am extremely grateful.

through it all ---- no, because of it all, i am happier than you would think me to be.
life is so good.
i am so blessed.

hope you're having a great day, too!