September 17, 2012

thanking God for it all

as i take a moment to think about everything that has happened in the last couple of months, i truly cannot understand how i could possibly deserve all the goodness -- the love, kindness, and miracles -- that i've been shown. constantly.

let me give you just a few examples........

at the end of last month i was struggling to make ends meet financially to the point that i thought i might have to move home. bills were piling up, rent was due, fees, car registration, know the drill. it all just hit at once and i wasn't prepared.

i found a note on my pillow the last day rent could be paid without a late fee:

i've asked the people who knew how much i was struggling if they knew anything about the rent check posted to my account. tears were shed in realization of blessings and in gratitude to the Lord. no one will say a word towards knowing who did it. i think i know who it is, and yet there are so many beautiful souls it could be who sacrificed so much to help me during an extremely difficult time. i thank God for wonderful people, amazing friends, and tender hearts of the good people i am blessed to live with and around.

that day was also the first day i received a seminary substitute teaching job. i have received many more since then. i desperately needed a chance to work and receive an income. i thank God for giving me the opportunity to use my talents and make money.

i have no idea how my car passed emissions and inspections, but it's just another blessing {and miracle!} from the Lord. it's.... on its way to getting registered {shhhh! i promise it will get there. soon.} and through several other miracles and blessings i can drive it and park it where i live. i thank God for the kindness of others and also for His power to keep an old beat-up ford working so i can use a car.

i have received countless blessings from the Lord. over and over again i have been reminded that He is there, that He knows and loves me, that i am not alone, and that my needs will always be taken care of.

when i make mistakes, when i lose my way or forget things, i have help and guidance from the most amazing people around me. they provide such bright, shining light and intensely warm love that there is no room for doubt that things will always work out.

i know i have angels working in my life -- ones i can see, hug, and talk to and ones who observe and protect from above.

i want to be a better person - the best person i can be - because of the miracles i have seen.

one day i hope to more than payback the people who have lifted me up when i've fallen down and carried me when i could not stand to walk.

i have been so blessed. so incredibly blessed.

i want to bless others in return, to share my blessings everyone i come in contact with.