April 11, 2013

beautiful things

as easter came and went, i pondered what it meant and how beautiful the symbols of easter are to celebrate.
i looked around and saw eggs and little chicks; decor that felt festive but still not what i know the holiday to be about and i questioned the purpose of the traditions that made no sense to the true meaning of Jesus Christ's resurrection.

i decided to study the topic and look for any mention of these ideas in scripture.

i learned that ...a hen will brood over her eggs and chicks. this means she protects, warms, nurtures, and defends them. Jesus used this analogy of a hen gathering her chicks several times (in different books of scripture) in His description of what He will do for His followers.

as i reflected on the true meaning of easter, i realized how beautiful these symbols are.
the Lord came to earth to leave a perfect example for us.
He came to live a life so He could understand us and know how to succor His people.
He yearns to protect us, to nurture and defend us. He is full of love and warmth and mercy.

in this easter analogy, i gain great comfort in knowing that the Lord as the hen seeks to gather all the chicks and eggs. sometimes i feel like a discolored egg or an ugly duckling. but that doesn't matter to Him. He still wants me.

life can be crazy.
so many other things, as well.

with everything life throws at us, we can feel like we're not enough.
but that message does not come from the Lord.

this song is wonderful.
there are many different music videos on youtube for this song, but i like this one because i emphasizes the words and lets you really focus on the song's message.

"beautiful things" by gungor

God makes beautiful things.
He makes beautiful things around us.
but most importantly, He makes us beautiful.
He makes us new.

He is all powerful.
when we rely on Him, He makes us the best we have the power to be.

and that is a beautiful thing.