May 30, 2013

grateful for the hard

i am loving this tender song today:

fall apart by josh wilson

my favorite parts of the lyrics:
why... did i think i could only get to know You when my life was good?
how can i come to the end of me and somehow still have all i need?
maybe this is how it starts.... i find you when i fall apart.
blessed are the ones who understand we got nothing to bring but empty hands.
nothing to hide and nothing to prove. our heartbreak brings us back to You.
my whole world is caving in but i feel You now more than i did then
God, i want to know You more, maybe this is how it starts.
i find You when... You will find me when... i fall apart.

i believe sometimes God allows me to struggle so that i can remember who always helps me.

the perfectionist part of me tends to forget it's impossible to - and acting like i can - hide anything from the Lord. i'm so silly! right? but in the end, the trials and the heartbreak really does bring me back to God.

i know nietzsche was against religion, but he really had a point when he said that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and that it makes you a better person.

i very much believe in every difficult thing i've experienced has led me to pivotal moments where i was brought down to my knees to meet with the only being who could mold something beautiful out of the mess i had become. i'm grateful that sometimes i've had to just fall apart. even greater things have come from coming to God in my brokenness.

thought this was cute :)

i know what it feels to have been in the depths of despair... and who knows when i will chance a meeting with a soul in a similarly difficult situation? i want to bring sunshine to the souls of everyone i meet so that just maybe it will be their soul that heaven touches.