December 31, 2013

the do list

i've been working on a post that just isn't coming i'm taking a break and writing something different:

i have felt quite lost lately - physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
the pressure i put on myself combined with the pressure i feel from other sources to get my life in order has provided for some awesome stress acne on my face :)
love it.

what i don't love is feeling like a fish out of water with no purpose or direction.
while i know i want to get a master of social work degree, what do i do in the meantime?
i'm applying for jobs, but so far the response has not been positive.

my bishop decided to give me a short rendition of a special lesson he had taught to the young single adults of our ward before i moved here. it's called, "the do list." now, please note this information is not my own but i share it because it has been helpful to me in the last few days as i try to find meaning in my life for this temporary lull in forward motion.

and though it is not my own, it truly is available to anyone because it's all about the basics of living a life of spirituality and goodness.
the do list for a good life

it's funny, these are all things we as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints know about, but it's nice to see them all lined up in a list of "to-do's." there are also scripture references to go along with each bullet point. if you're interested, just let me know!

so this "do list" along with my twenty-six goals for my twenty-sixth year will hopefully keep me on a good path while i work on getting into grad school.

speaking of my goals....

i can definitely do better at taking more risks, which is a weekly goal.
i didn't succeed at all my monthly goals --- i didn't go on a date, make it to the temple this month, or read an entire book during december.

however, i did listen to most of the book "my story" by elizabeth smart {i'll finish it this week}
i've also been working on several of the other goals i made.
i am trying to take advantage of this "me time" i have at the moment.
hopefully i can continue to better myself!

that's what each day is, though, right?
the first day of the rest of your life.
tomorrow's new year means anything is possible!

the past is gone. forward motion, people!!