December 22, 2013

favorites of the season 2013

today in church a few people shared their favorite Christmas hymns and the reason behind it.

i got up and shared my favorite:

*especially the version sung by casting crowns -- it's the best and it makes me cry every single time (even when i play it on repeat):

after sharing, i realized that i have some favorite Christmas things that i haven't shared on here....
here's to the season of love, joy, and peace on earth

an hour of enlightenment and Christmas spirit

the piano guys

the last one reminds me a lot of growing up in my family.
chaos abounds during the holidays and money is usually always an issue
but it's not the real issue.
money and huge presents were never what Christmas was about.
instead it was about love....

the source of love and how to exemplify it
the Savior who first loved us
feeling loved because there was something under the tree, picked for me to show i was cared about
giving and sharing love by actions

this message from 2009 reminds me why the season is so special

merry Christmas!