October 6, 2008

my favorites:


being with my whole family (which includes happiness who isn't pictured here)

disney movie:

can't you tell why? . . . us redheads have got to stick together!

tv show:

they were like family to me!

piece of my heart:

my "wittle baby pwecious"

home away from home, my second family:

chrissy is the sister i got to choose :) ... example, comfort, my best friend.


anything with peanut butter is my favorite. oh yeah, and chunky is the only way to go.


"love song" has to be one of my favorites, ever. i love that it's not about love at all! it's about not conforming to other peoples' opinions of what or how you should be. it's about being yourself and how that is enough.

cool peeps:

my newly married sister sundy and happiness - the bold and beautiful.

book to read:

two of the greatest books ever written, in order of importance of course.

treat to eat:

these will definitely be found in heaven.