October 6, 2008

who am i ?

this conference weekend was spectacular! i loved the talks, the food, the freedom, the peace, and the love of family and friends. too many wonderful experiences to share, but i do have something special to share. before conference weekend, i gave all my students "conference bingo" that had special statements and/or questions on the back for each student to think about and answer. one of the common themes i seem to be finding in my students' answers is this: "who am i? who is God? what does this have to do with me?"

i've just learned tonight that part of my job is to constantly remind my students of the basics: "i am a child of God. He loves me. He sent me here and there are amazing blessings waiting for me if Ii will follow Him. God is our Heavenly Father - a merciful, kind, and loving Father. He loves me!" i get the beautiful opportunity to help my spiritual little brothers and sisters get to know who they really are. now, you may be wondering, "but lacey! you've been teaching for almost two months! how could you have not known this before?!" ok, so if you weren't thinking that, i know that i was! but when it boils down to it, i guess i did know, it just didn't register so clearly in my mind as it does now. going through courses on how to teach seminary, you feel like you get bunches of information, guidelines, and advice. yet you also feel like, in a way, they've taught you nothing of learning how to swim then dumped you in the middle of the ocean surrounded by sharks. after dumping you in they yell down to you, "good luck! hope you stay afloat!" i'm not kidding!

when i inquired of a fellow seminary teacher how i should approach my students in response to their questions and concerns, he gently (and quite humorously, i might add) reminded me of what my entire purpose as a seminary teacher is: bringing the precious souls in my classroom closer to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ our Savior. so simple! and yet it was so hard for me to remember!

it truly is all about becoming as a little child. i don't need to know the answers to all the questions and mysteries of the universe. i simply need childlike faith that everything is going to be ok. they'll take care of the rest.

"faith" ... like a little child