January 10, 2009

teaching is a work of heart

i went shopping today at my favorite store: kohl's. i guess i thought that retail therapy might help lift me out of this 'blah' state i'm in. it worked for a little bit ...

after-christmas sales are the best, so i went to see if they had any cute christmas-y accessories for next year. i ventured over to the jewelery section and found the cutest holiday themed watches. then out of the corner of my eye, i saw it. sitting between the variety of colors and themes, stood a golden key chain onto which were the loving, play-on-words phrase:

teaching is a work of heart

i stood there in the middle of kohl's jewelery department for what must have been hours, just looking at the saying. in my mind i went through the countless times i'd felt the amazing love God has for His children - especially the beautiful souls i was blessed to teach. in the mixture of joy and sadness, words wouldn't come to mind that would express what i was feeling. but my eyes knew - regardless of my jumbled thoughts - that only tears could express what my heart couldn't say.

you see, teaching truly is a work of heart. i put my heart into it everyday, but it was more than that. what makes it a work of heart instead of just a work of art, is the love i felt for those i taught. teaching brought to life a part of me i didn't know i had. i'd like to believe it's a better part of me. and those words - that phrase written on a key chain - will always stay with me. i didn't buy the little treasure, i simply locked it away safely in my heart. i thank the person, whoever and wherever they are, for putting those words together so that i could read them when i needed that message the most... standing in the orem kohl's store.