April 3, 2009

princess goes to portland

for the entire span of my twenty-one years i have had a love for the finer things in life. whether it is my mom teasing me that i should have been an only child or my sisters gawking at the number of shoes i own, those who know me best know that i am a princess.

i am a peculiar princess, however. when it comes right down to it, i have very few problems with germs. i've been known to eat food from the floor {of course i was the one who dropped it} even if its a subway train floor. i do my part ~ wash hands, use proper hygiene, refrain from touching smelly garbage, etc. However, when it comes to germs, food poisoning, organic vs non-organic, global warming and my part in it ...... i say:


i obviously don't belong in portland. i have nothing against the liberal concept, just some the things these liberals come up with. who REALLY cares if i recycle every item i use? is it REALLY going to matter if i eat the organic rice vs the non-organic rice? pardon me, but who came up with this crap? organic simply means it is or once was living. can we all please agree on the fact that almost everything on earth is or once was living?

that's right, i don't believe in organic diets. take it or leave it, which one is cheaper? i am not falling for the mind tricks being played just so i will spend more money and believe that makes me a better person. i do my best to help mankind, save the children, rescue the animals, provide for the needy. i am not going to hell for using plastic grocery bags instead of paper or the new 'go-green' bags.

though i don't belong in portland as a permanent resident, i envy the treasures they have at their disposal. take Cacao, for instance. drinkable, delectable, unique, and exotic chocolate.

here are some more photos of the three of us {tyler, sundy, and me} isn't it a darling shop? too bad it was rainy and bitterly windy that day, the pictures tell the story.