May 30, 2010

the power in "good"

my awesome cousin crystal is here for the holiday weekend. an ongoing conversation between us has been the power of the word "good" in our lives. this goes along with my exploration into the world of feelings.

as one of my favorite singers put it, "we all want to believe in love, we all want to believe in something bigger than just us. we all want to be a part of the greater picture that's hanging in our hearts..." (miley cyrus, bigger than us)

well, since we all want to be loved doesn't it make sense that we also all want to know that we are good - just being ourselves? that our goodness is not dependent on things we do or say, rather who we are innately.

the world is constantly tearing us down, pulling apart our dreams and convincing us that we aren't enough. i don't want to agree with that negative force in my life anymore. i want to believe that i am good enough. i want to believe that good things can happen, but even when they don't that i am still good.

Heavenly Father doesn't love me because i'm perfect, He loves me because He is perfect. because i am a daughter of God, i can know that i am good.

i stumbled upon this picture and whoever michael s. is, i think he has the right idea:

despite the things i do wrong, i'm still a good person.

i want to make it more of a habit to tell that to myself and to those i love every chance i get.