July 24, 2010

the beautiful mess i am

first of all, i want to give my sincere gratitude to my wonderful friends and family for all the encouraging, loving words they have recently sent my way. my heart is full and i am truly feeling the love.
thank you!!

on a different note, my cousin crystal has always been a die-hard amy grant fan. i'm a 'yeah, i like some of her awesome songs... but i can take her or leave her' kind of fan.

today, though, my sister was blasting her radio and i realized she was listening to a song i had never heard before. i really liked it so i looked up the lyrics and got choked-up reading them. then i looked up a youtube video and decided i had to post this piece of beauty. it's absolutely phenomenal.

the song is "better than a hallelujah" by amy grant {whose birthday is actually the day before mine! just saying...}and my very favorite words are the chorus:

we pour out our miseries

God just hears a melody

beautiful the mess we are

the honest cries of breaking hearts

are better than a hallelujah

there is such comfort knowing that God hears my cries, that He knows my heart. the ups and downs of my life are but a song that i sing and he hears me.

image found here

He loves the beautiful mess that i am.

more and more, i am learning to love it, too.

anyway, i hope this brings joy to you as it does to me.