August 9, 2013

what happens in vegas...

yes, i've made the move to las vegas, nevada.
i live in the city of heat named "sin city"

the sin city part doesn't really touch me much because it does a pretty good job of staying closer to the strip and well, people don't really live down there.

the heat part gets to me, though.
sometimes i want to just die ---
or find a walk in freezer and shut myself in it for an hour or so.

some new friends say it's something you never get used to.

well, ...that's just great.

as to my current main purpose for being here, let me give you a rundown:

my three little people (+ a spare) are a mix of adorable, adventurers, and mischief-makers
when they are darlings, it's not fair how cute they can be -- but it helps me keep being loving and patient when they are less than perfect.

the following are my vague attempts at descriptions for you:

the almost-6-year-old ... i will call him "goose" (as in "silly goose")
is an intelligent and precocious young man
still, he is a youngster
he loves to play, tease, and fight with his sister
there have been lots of crying fits as of late (not enough sleep)
and he wants to be a football player when he gets older
the middle child and only girl, i'll call her "loulou"
is fully in the throes of being a 2 year old
she can also be the cutest little culy-sue you ever did see
she has a difficult time being gentle and kind to her brothers
pinching and biting goose and having meltdowns are just some of her favorite pastimes.
*** i will call the baby "buddha" - he is 9 months old and a cute little chubster.
the happiest baby boy, usually....
the adventurer who thinks he's the 'big-man-on-campus'
he's found out he can get attention if he just screams bloody-murder... (that one has gotten old really fast)
but when he shows his big smile or has a big giggle, it can melt you.

so there you have it - my tiny humans or the little lovies.
they really are darling; goose and loulou and buddha.

for a couple more weeks the kids have their older stepbrother staying with them - a twelve-yr-old who alternates between sweet and helpful and imaginative to moody and contentious with a big attitude faster than you can blink.

through all my adventures and excitement -- and the learning curve i've been -- there are some more lessons i have learned in case anyone out there decides to move to vegas:
  • the pavement never cools down in vegas, it only gets hotter. it can burn your feet as you walk to the trash can at 10am.
  • turf is everywhere down here and if you think jumping onto the grass will give your scorching toes respite, think again. it's the turf and the black under the "grass" that can sear a layer of skin right off your feet!
  • nevada has a "hands-free" law so as long as you aren't holding your phone when you're driving, you can still talk!
  • don't go anywhere without gps!! i wanna know why we can't just implement the grid system utah uses into every state? i mean really, i would be able learn my way around so much faster.
  • vegas doesn't sell good bread ---- you think i'm lying. i thought they were lying to me when i first heard that from others, too. but there's no grandma sycamore's or other soft stuff like that. i mean seriously, i go down the bread isles at wal-mart, smith's, and target and am amazed at the lack of choices.
  • it takes forever to get anywhere... it doesn't seem like it, i guess. but when i look at the gps and realize it truly will take between 25-30 minutes to get from the grocery store to the house, i second-guess my desire to buy that delicious tub of ice cream. (good thing the air conditioner works like a champ)
  • it is so hot here between the months of june and the end of august that it's not worth spending time outside if it's not before the sun comes up or after it goes down. literally soaks up all of my energy and i'm left feeling useless.
  • when taking kids anywhere, i start the car and air conditioning before i start loading them back in for the ride home.

i want to thank my darling cousin jen, my wonderful sister sundy, and my dear friend shayla for the sweet comments they left on my last post.
it meant so much to get your words of love and encouragement. i love you guys!!! 
hope everyone is standing up to the heat :)

until next time.