November 25, 2013


on the eve of my birthday, i wanted to write something.....
but i wasn't sure what.

however, since i was born on thanksgiving day twenty-six years ago when thanksgiving landed on the twenty-sixth day of november......

i decided i would write twenty-six things i am grateful for!
i'm giving myself the gift of gratitude...

after all, they say "the root of joy is gratefulness." -david steindl-rast

26 statements of gratitude
for my golden
26 years on the 26th of november
{in no particular order}
  1. i made it to be age 26!! there were times when i didn't think i would get here.
  2. i'm soooo grateful that God put dark chocolate on the earth. talk about joy to the world.
  3. i am so grateful for the truest and most uplifting friends who have loved me, taught me, and helped me along my path.
  4. i stand in awe of amazing "angels in disguise" {aka relief society presidents, visiting teachers, home teachers, bishops, random people off the street, etc} who bless lives without realizing the huge impact they have.
  5. i'm grateful i have gained a greater understanding that beauty really does come from the inside, and it doesn't depend on body fat or weight.
  6. learning that some relationships are not meant to be, at least for now, i'm so grateful i have been able to distance myself for the sake of sanity and spirituality.
  7. the poem "footprints" is a bunch of bologna -- there is only ever one pair of footprints because the Lord is always carrying us and i am so grateful He has carried me even when, at times, i was trying to push Him away.
  8. i am so grateful for the trials that shape me into the person i am becoming.
  9. i am grateful for a Heavenly Father who knows my every need and my heart's desires.
  10. i am grateful for an amazing aunt who has become my mentor and friend, teaching me and guiding me.
  11. i delight in the simple things and am grateful for the Lord's tender mercies.
  12. even though i get frustrated with its many frailties, i am grateful for the body i have and the many things it has endured. it functions so well, considering.
  13. i have come to love change and even crave it. i'm grateful for that adaptability.
  14. associating with younger people, i realize how grateful i am to have surpassed the "boy-crazy" phase.
  15. i love people. i deeply love others and i'm grateful for each and every relationship i have. i refuse to take anyone for granted.
  16. i'm grateful for my "off" or negative days because they make the happy ones that much sweeter.
  17. music is the best thing in the world ---mandisa and plumb and all the christian music i love--- it is happiness. i am grateful for artists who create good music.
  18. i'm grateful for online broadcasting of television shows. yes, i said that. i am grateful that i can watch shows whenever i want with peace and quiet.
  19. color brings me so much joy that i can't help but be grateful for it! there are so many colors and so many hues. the combinations are endless.
  20. i am grateful for my previous roommates. i adore them. they were silly and sweet and sassy and wonderful. i miss them.
  21. i'm grateful for my niece. that punkin brings so much joy into my heart, i don't quite know what to do with it all!
  22. i am grateful for my siblings --- each i love for different and distinct reasons.
  23. i am grateful to my parents, the people who brought me into this world on thanksgiving day 26 years ago.
  24. i am grateful for Christmas --- the love, joy, magic, music, service, care, and everything else that the holiday brings. the season provokes love and gratitude for me.
  25. sleep is a beautiful thing that i'm still working at mastering, but i am grateful for it nonetheless.
  26. i'm grateful for technology that keeps me in contact with dear ones so far away.

i think tomorrow i will write 26 goals to complete before i'm 27....
we'll see :)

for now, treat yourself to a cupcake or dark chocolate.
it's my birthday. i want everyone to be happy! :)