November 30, 2013

twenty-six goals

the other night a dear friend of mine took me out for hot chocolate {ya know... because us mormons don't drink coffee} to celebrate my birthday.

as we sat and talked, this friend asked me
what i thought this next year might bring
and what my goals were for year twenty-six.

suddenly i had a flashback of last year's birthday ----
who i was
where i was
what i was doing
places i was headed

looking back, i never would have guessed things would go the way they did.
my life is so different -- i am so different -- from just twelve months ago!
if my life can change so drastically in that time,
there's no telling what might happen in the coming year.

seeing as it was my golden birthday -- turning 26 on the 26th of november -- i decided i wanted to do something special for myself. i wanted to push myself and make myself better.

though i'm always trying to improve myself, i figure working on 26 goals to complete before my 27th birthday is a good way to stay actively engaged in the cause. so in the last four days, this is what i have come up with:

twenty-six goals for my golden twenty-sixth
  1. learn how to make panna cotta and creme brulee
  2. get accepted into a master of social work program
  3. go on a date every month
  4. tone my arms to satisfaction
  5. read the book of mormon in its entirety
  6. attend the temple monthly
  7. learn the life stories of one ancestor on each side of my family tree
  8. read at least one good book each month
  9.  become a proficient seamstress, or at least be able to adequately mend clothing
  10. go horseback riding
  11. get a passport
  12. visit another country
  13. go camping
  14. attend a concert for a favorite musician/band
  15. get a professional back massage
  16. read the old testament, start to finish
  17. read the new testament, start to finish
  18. create and maintain a healthy sleep schedule
  19. lose 25 lbs in a healthy way with a healthy attitude
  20. learn {or relearn} to play an instrument {piano/guitar} at a beginner's level
  21. learn several cute ways to style my own hair
  22. take the time and care to look my best
  23. actively work on improving my singing voice
  24. find opportunities to share my talents
  25. teach myself practical dance moves
  26. take at least one risk every week

as a health educator, i know that these goals do not all qualify as s.m.a.r.t. goals, but ....
i don't care.

and the deadline is the 26th of november in one year.
i have dreams.
i hope we all do.

birthdays are an important and special time to reevaluate those dreams and figure out how we can make them come true.
this year i celebrated my previous achievements and i'm creating opportunities to accomplish even more.